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        Multi-node Servers
        Suitable for HCI, big data, HPC, distributed storage and other application scenarios.
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        High-density fully modular based multi-node server

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        High-density design

        Multi-node servers allow for better integration of more CPUs and I/O expansions in a smaller space, greatly reducing equipment footprint and improving system performance

        Modular deployment

        Nodes can be flexibly configured during deployment, with various front window modules for product nearly full customization based on user needs

        Efficient energy use

        The centralized PSU and fans are shared among all nodes, significantly improving power and system cooling efficiency

        Convenient management

        Nodes can be independently or collectively managed through a centralized chassis management module, providing more versatility and convenience.

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        Intelligent Computing Solution

        Hyperconverged Infrastructure

        The future of the data center.

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        Why the Inspur I9000 is Central South University's Preferred Choice for Its Smart Campus


        The outdated technical architecture relies solely on machine stack-ups and is unable to achieve dynamic expansion and on-demand deployment


        Inspur offered a virtualization solution based on its I9000 Blade System servers, which are integrated into the new architecture and will serve as physical servers for virtualization applications.


        Increase the utilization rate of its information center hardware systems by 70%.?